‘Toxic’ diesel exhaust fumes spew out over Lewes

'Toxic' diesel exhaust fumes spew out over LewesAnger over generator

Anthony Beaumont, who regularly walks past the St Anne’s headquarters of East Sussex County Council, (ESCC) says he is ‘outraged’ at the noise and smell. He said: “I walk past the HQ at night. “The Council, in spite of its green credentials and policies, is running diesel generators for its electricity. “The generators ESCC use are emergency generators.

They spew out diesel exhaust which drifts down Lewes High Street, and is toxic to neighbours.” Mr Beaumont says the generator is one of three and the council is running the middle one at present. He goes on: “Its exhausts – six inches across – make the same noise as a truck at 60 mph.

I am outraged.” An ESCC spokesperson said the generators were normally only used in emergencies but admitted one had developed a fault. They said: “The generators are a back up to power County Hall if there is outage, so are only in operation in an emergency.

“Unfortunately, an intermittent fault developed in one of the two generators during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

“The faulty generator was isolated and engineers attended to make urgent repairs.

“The County Council has launched a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including switching to a 100 per cent renewable electricity tariff for council buildings and streetlights, and continues to look for ways to reach its ultimate target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.”