LETTER: HGVs ‘too big’ to go through Greatwood estates

AS a resident of Horseclose Estate I object to the HGVs travelling through the estates which includes Greatwood Estate (Collision concerns over new HGV route: Craven Herald December 30). HGVs have been through the estates before whilst Esley Croft was being built. For the HGVs do not just clear the spoil away from the site, but they are used to bring machines to the site, ie diggers/mixes/bricks and roofing struts.

These HGV are too big for the narrow roads around Greatwood and Horseclose estates. They destroy pavement edges/kerbs even the small grass verges, which the company said they would fix but we are still waiting after Elsey Croft was built. I believe it is the same company that is building on Aldersley Avenue.

This will not be the only company to possibility use this route through the estates, for there is a building site at the top of Hurrs Road that will be using this route no doubt. Even the bin lorry is too big for Western Road cul-de-sac for it is damaging the kerbs and edging of the street. Gordon Bell