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Wearing face masks in classrooms is better for children than ‘working at home’, academy trust boss says The head of one of England’s biggest academy trusts has claimed that while enforcing masks in classrooms is “not optimum”, it’s “better than working at home” for children. Speaking to Sky News today, Rev Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis Community Learning, said: “We all know the impact of children being out of school, the impact on their lives, their life chances, their homes, their parents ability to get out and work etc, etc, so it’s not ideal but it’s better than not being in school.

“We can’t afford lost days of schooling for these children and we know from reports in the media, the tragic cases in the media, that children being left on their own is not good for them, its not good for society.”

Mr Chalke also disclosed that his trust had bought 150,000 masks for pupils and had prepared for the possibility of returning to online learning from home with the purchase of an iPad for every student.