Watch – Family creates huge Christmas lights displays with ‘Coca-Cola truck’

Huge Christmas lights displays featuring a light-up Coca-Cola truck and a sleigh have been created by three siblings to raise funds for a charity close to their hearts. The Pickering family have been decorating their three homes in Telford for years and over the last two years have raised more than GBP8,000 for different charities. Thousands of families visit the three houses in Dawley each Christmas to see the huge attractions – which take a month to set up.

:Make your own gin Christmas parties launched at Shropshire Distillery Shaun, Ryan and Louise Pickering turn their lights on each day at about 4.30pm until 10pm at 23 Manor Road, 69 Webb Crescent and 20 TrinityRoad for visitors to see. One of the main attractions, the Coca-Cola truck, was created by Shaun and designed by Louise.

Shaun, a carpenter for Wrekin Housing Group, said he had been living with his father John in Rhodes Avenue and decorated their home for years, but only when his dad passed away two years ago did they decide to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

The display on Manor Road

Last year they raised more than GBP6,000 for Telford Mind in memory of their uncle Gordon who died 22 years ago at the age of 41. And this year they will also raise funds for the same charity. Shaun said: “I started the Christmas lights about five or six years ago at my dad’s and we did it for charity for the first time a couple of years ago when my dad passed away.

Watch - Family creates huge Christmas lights displays with 'Coca-Cola truck'Part of the display at Webb Crescent

“Because of how much effort we put in we thought why not do it for charity?

This year is the third year we’re doing it for charity. “The last two years have been for Telford Mind, we have had our own struggles with mental health, we lost our uncle 22 years ago. “The first year we did it for the British Heart Foundation as dad passed away from a heart attack.

Watch - Family creates huge Christmas lights displays with 'Coca-Cola truck'A reindeer on Manor Road

“Last year we raised GBP3,100 for Telford Mind and my work match funded it so it was GBP6,300.

We’ve got collection buckets at all three addresses and an online fundraising page. The first year we raised GBP1,025 for the British Heart Foundation, so GBP2,050 with the match funding. “Each year we keep adding to it and I decided to build something like a replica Coca-Cola truck, the year my dad passed away I built it and my sister did the drawing and I painted it.

It’s normally at my house but as I moved it’s at my sister’s this year. We built a sleigh which is at my house. “We start putting up the lights at the end of September, it takes ages because we don’t want to rush it.

We have a projector running on my brother’s house with family photos and research about mental health too so show why we do it.

Watch - Family creates huge Christmas lights displays with 'Coca-Cola truck'The lights at Webb Crescent

“We have the lights on right up until New Year’s Day. They’re all LED so the electricity cost isn’t that bad. “My street and my brother’s are off each other and my sister’s is a single street away, we’re right next to each other.

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