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The humble caravan. Though an unquestionably practical holidaying option – not least in these strange, socially distanced times – there’s no denying it does suffer a bit of an image problem, an image problem possibly exacerbated by certain irresponsible BBC motoring shows. But let’s not get hung on who, exactly, is to blame for caravanning’s beige, boring image.

All that matters is, it’s time to drag the old girl kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Get ready, comrades, for a caravanning revolution, as Paddy, Freddie and Chris each choose their favourite of the new breed of micro-caravans – tiny, perfectly formed travel pods – to hook up to a new electric SUV: specifically the Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron Sportback and Polestar 2, at least one of which – let’s be honest – isn’t really an SUV at all. Each armed with a rig that should, in theory, deliver them to a scenic pitch anywhere in the country in clean, green, zero-emissions comfort, our revolutionaries set out to discover if their ‘sports caravans of the future’ can do the caravanning do, with a traditional camping trip in the wilds of Northumberland.

A trip that, inevitably, involved being pushed down a big hill in a massive inflatable orb, and eating several of the world’s hottest chillies while attempting to do hot laps around some moorland.

As we said, traditional camping trip.