Isuzu has introduced a free vehicle check for its pick-up owners

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu UK has introduced a new programme that gives owners of its pick-up trucks free access to a vehicle check.

Called Quick Check, the service is an extensive safety inspection that covers 38 aspects of the vehicle and takes place at an owner’s local dealer.

It has been introduced as this is a particularly important time to ensure your vehicle is in top working order as the winter months approach.

The check covers all areas of the vehicle related to safety and performance, with the owner given a full condition report at the end of it.

Some of the inspections include the exterior bodywork, while the operation of items such as the headlights, windscreen, horn and seatbelts are also looked at.

Engineers will also take a look under the bonnet to check fluid levels for the clutch, brakes and windscreen washer fluid, with quantities and conditions all reported on.

Hoses and pipework are also checked, while the battery’s health is recorded, too.

Finally, the tyres are checked to ensure that they have a good tread depth with decent pressure, as well as whether the rubber is in good condition and not at risk of blowing out.

The wheel nuts are also checked and tightened to the manufacturer’s recommended setting.

Isuzu has introduced a free vehicle check for its pick-up owners(Isuzu)

Alan Able, brand director at Isuzu UK, said “The Quick Check programme has been designed to provide customers with the opportunity to have a free safety and condition assessment, ensuring their vehicle is ready for winter and the cold weather that will soon be upon us.

“As the Pick-up Professionals, we fully understand the importance of vehicle reliability, especially during the winter when the Isuzu pick-up can be essential for our customers.”

In the UK, the Isuzu range is currently made up of one vehicle, with four variations of the D-Max pick-up truck available.