Farmer plans ‘go slow’ 5mph protest on A1

A farmer who says it’s time to “put the brakes” on soaring fuel price will be doing just that as he leads a 5mph convoy down the A1 this weekend. Veteran campaigner Andrew Spence, from Leadgate, County Durham, became a key figure in fuel protests in the year 2000, becoming part of a blockade at a Jarrow oil terminal and encircling Newcastle with vehicles. Two decades later with petrol prices soaring he’s planning to cause disruption in Newcastle city centre again in a bid to get Westminster to cap fuel costs.

Go here for the very latest live traffic and travel news and North East updates He’s planning to lead a convoy of drivers along the A1 from Gateshead into Newcastle on Saturday morning from 11am, causing havoc on the roads for other drivers. In a video posted on Facebook, Mr Spence, 54, said he wanted to “make a big big impact” to tell the Government that fuel prices are “getting out of hand”.

He told supporters: “We will be doing this under the auspices of Northumbria Police, the convoy will be escorted by Northumbria Police, the route has been agreed with Northumbria Police.

Farmer Andrew Spence who is calling for people to join a demo on the A1 in the North East on Saturday.

“Nobody will be getting blockaded and the emergency services will have full access to the roads. “So we are there to make a peaceful protest, nothing more, nothing less, we just want to get across to the government that we are hurting and it’s time to put the brakes on with ever-increasing prices of fuel. It’s well within their remit to sort this out so let’s get it sorted out.

“The more that’s there, the bigger the voice, the bigger the message.” The former haulier said the price of filling up his vehicle has risen from GBP79 to GBP112 in just months. The protest is set to take place from 11am, starting at the Team Valley Trading Estate and moving onto the A1, where vehicles will drive at around 5mph into Newcastle City Centre.

Mr Spence said: “We want a substantial reduction in the price of fuel. “This can be done by reducing taxation and bringing the oil companies into line.” It’s expected to cause significant disruption, but Mr Spence has pledged that emergency services vehicles will be allowed to pass.

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