City bar donates £2,260 to cover cost of puppy’s operation after attack

Published: 6:30 AM November 12, 2021 A popular city bar has dug deep to cover the cost of an operation for a four-month-old puppy after it was left in agony after being attacked.  Gonzo’s Team Room in London Street has donated GBP2,260 to Laura Galbraith.

The Sprowston mum’s poor pooch Keyla was left with a constant limp following an incident in Linacre Avenue on Thursday, October 28. The dog suffered a fractured pelvis and leg as a result of the attack.

Keyla, a four-month-old Frenchie, who was attacked in Sprowston 

Keyla, a four-month-old Frenchie, who was attacked in Sprowston – Credit: Contributed Miss Galbraith set up a crowdfunder to help pay for the French bulldog to have a GBP2,200 operation in Beccles.

The total was bumped up to GBP3,000 after she discovered the puppy had not been insured by its previous owner. And Gonzo’s was so moved by the story that they paid off the cost of the operation itself. 

Gonzos, Norwich

Gonzo’s Tea Room in Norwich – Credit: Archant A spokesman for the bar said: “When we read about the attack we were furious to see someone had treated a four-month-old puppy like that.

When we saw it, our reaction was ‘that’s crazy’ so we decided to pay it ourselves.  “We are big fans of dogs here. In 2005, my bulldog suffered two broken legs after being hit by a massive North American truck. 

“Money was tight at the time so friends and family got together to help. We wanted to do the same thing for Keyla.”  Gonzo’s is named after the pug Gonzo which sadly died of cancer in 2019, and who was a hugely popular face at the London Street bar.

Gonzo being toasted by staff.
pPhoto: Brad Baxter

Gonzo being toasted by staff. Photo: Brad Baxter – Credit: Brad Baxter

Another bulldog called Goose is now owned by the bar. 

Goose chilling inside Gonzo's Tea Room

Goose chilling inside Gonzo’s Tea Room – Credit: Ben Hardy Miss Galbraith messaged Gonzo’s to thank them for the generous donation. And she has promised to take Keyla to the business soon so staff can meet her.

Gonzo outside Norwich Cathedral on his last tour of the city.
pPhoto: Courtesy of Brad Baxter

Gonzo outside Norwich Cathedral on his last tour of the city. Photo: Courtesy of Brad Baxter – Credit: Courtesy of Brad Baxter

The Gonzo’s spokesman added: “It will be nice to see Keyla. Laura sent me a video of the dog trying to walk with the limp which was so sad to see.”  A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police has said enquiries are ongoing after a man in his 40s was bailed in connection with the incident in Sprowston on October 28.

The GoFundMe page which was set up for Keyla can be found at