UK’s biggest electric freight operator to return to diesel trains due to rising energy costs

The UK’s largest freight operator of electric trains, has said it will replace its electric vehicles with diesel trains following the hike in wholesale electricity prices of over 200% since September. A Freightliner spokesman told Rail Magazine: “As a result of an unprecedented increase in electricity prices, FL has taken the difficult decision to temporarily replace its electric freight services with diesel-hauled services in order to maintain a cost-effective solution for transporting essential goods and supplies around the UK. “Rail remains the most carbon-efficient way to transport freight around Great Britain, even with diesel locomotives.

Each tonne of freight moved by rail instead of road reduces CO2 emissions by 76%.”

It is unlikely that the issue is confined to Freightliner.

The government says it will deliver a net zero carbon emissions rail network by 2050, and aims to eliminate diesel traction by 2040.