Thieves abandon pick-up truck after trying to drive it through country park

Several criminals did not manage to get as far away from the scene of the crime as they hoped last week. A pick-up was stolen from Himley Hall and dumped nearby in Baggeridge Country Park, Staffordshire. It appears that the truck, which has a Dudley Council logo on it, may have not been up for the woodland terrain and narrow passages.

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A signpost was left knocked over after the incident

Unfortunately, the thieves did manage to escape in another stolen vehicle. Baggeridge Country Park staff members are now appealing for information regarding the incident which happened in the early hours of Friday, October 8. A post on their Facebook page says: “Just in case you were wondering, Himley had a break in last night and they tried to get out with the pick-up through Baggeridge, this is far as they got with this, but they did take another vehicle.

“If you heard or saw something suspicious last night (I know there are always dog walkers even in the small hours) then please let Staffordshire police know. Timings could help pin it down.” Staffordshire Police and Dudley Council have been contacted for a comment.

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