Nostalgia: TV stars who swapped cobbles of Coronation Street for suburbs of Brookside

Photo: Rochdale-born actress Anna Friel, August 1996 (00136878) (C) Mirrorpix A select group of TV stars have swapped the cobblestones of Coronation Street for the suburban driveways of Brookside Close down the years. Oldham actress Nicola Stephenson, Rochdale-born Anna Friel and Rovers Return barmaid Sue Jenkins all crossed over to Merseyside soap Brookside which ran from 1982 to 2003.

Coming the other way to Weatherfield were Sue Johnston of Royle Family fame, Louis Emerick and Michael Starke – window cleaner Thomas ‘Sinbad’ Sweeney in Brookside. How well do you remember the stars of the Close and the Street? Why not test your knowledge in our popular quiz and compare your score with friends?

Good luck with the quiz. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Rochdale-born actress Anna Friel, August 1996 (00136878) (C) Mirrorpix

1. As well as playing Beth Jordache in Brookside and Belinda Johnson (briefly) on Coronation Street, Anna Friel currently stars as Detective Backland in which crime drama series?

A) Silent Witness B) Marcella C) Traces

2. Sue Jenkins portrayed barmaid Gloria Todd in 238 episodes of Coronation Street from 1985 to 1988. Who did she play in Brookside from 1991 to 2000? A) Jackie Corkhill

B) Lindsey Corkhill C) Rose Finnegan

Nostalgia: TV stars who swapped cobbles of Coronation Street for suburbs of BrooksideOldham actress Nicola Stephenson, February 2019 (01244976) (C) Mirrorpix

3. Nicola Stephenson portrayed newspaper delivery girl Priscilla Millbanks on the Street, but what role did she play on Brookside? It involved TV’s first pre-watershed lesbian kiss with Beth Jordache in 1994.

A) Margaret Clemence B) Patricia Farnham C) Emily O’Leary

4. Mark Moraghan was fork-lift truck driver Adrian Mortimer on the Street in 2015 and Greg Shadwick in Brookside. In which medical drama did he play obstetrician Owen Davis? A) Casualty

B) Doctors C) Holby City

Nostalgia: TV stars who swapped cobbles of Coronation Street for suburbs of BrooksideSue Johnston appeared as landlady Gloria Price in Coronation Street, October 1989 (00832237) (C) Mirrorpix

5. Sue Johnston was Brookside matriarch Sheila Grant from the soap’s launch in 1982 until 1990. She also portrayed Rovers Return landlady Gloria Price.

What BAFTA-winning role did she play in The Royle Family? A) Denise B) Barbara

C) Cheryl

6. Brookside veteran Anna Friel was formerly married to which actor? A) Ewan McGregor

B) James McAvoy C) David Thewlis

Nostalgia: TV stars who swapped cobbles of Coronation Street for suburbs of BrooksideLouis Emerick, who played Mike Thornberry in Coronation Street, March 2018 (01160741) (C) Mirrorpix

7. Louis Emerick portrayed Mick Johnson in Brookside and Liz McDonald’s love interest Mike Thornberry on the Street. In which cookery programme did he come third in 2008?

A) Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook B) The Great British Bake Off C) Celebrity Masterchef


What was Sue Johnston’s role in the TV drama Downton Abbey from 2014 to 2015? A) Miss Denker B) Isobel Crawley

C) Mrs Hughes

Nostalgia: TV stars who swapped cobbles of Coronation Street for suburbs of BrooksideMichael Starke, who was kebab shop-owner Jerry Morton in Coronation Street, February 2016 (00947270) (C) Mirrorpix 

9. For 16 years, Michael Starke was window cleaner Thomas Sweeney in Brookside before appearing as kebab shop owner Jerry Morton on the Street in 2008. Which character did he play in ITV hospital drama The Royal?

A) Head porter Ken Hopkirk B) Ambulance driver Frankie Robinson C) Porter Jack Bell

10. Nicola Stephenson played teacher Allie Westbrook in which school drama series? A) Grange Hill B) Bad Education

C) Waterloo Road Answers: 1 (B); 2 (A); 3 (A); 4 (C); 5 (B); 6 (C); 7 (C); 8 (A); 9 (A); 10 (C)

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