18 Wheels Logistics launches beverage distribution division

18 Wheels Logistics has added a new division, focused on beverage warehousing, co-packing and transportation. The new division has been dubbed Drinx Logistics. “At Drinx Logistics, we’re a full-service alcohol distribution company.

We’re a one-stop solution to all your liquor logistics needs, including beer and wine fulfillment services,” said Adrian Wen, CEO of 18 Wheels Logistics.

(Photo: Drinx Logistics)

“In addition, Drinx Logistics is an approved operator of excise warehousing, meaning that we’re fully licensed and government approved for the storage of beer, wine, and spirits.

We can handle bonded, customs sufferance, and excise storage of alcohol and standard freight.”

The division has a website at www.drinxlogistics.com.